Brow Lamination

What is Brow Lamination?

In the era of Insta-perfect eyebrows, it’s no surprise that we’re all looking for ways to get those gorgeous and enviable brows. One way? Brow lamination! Brow lamination is the cool new beauty treatment that everyone wants! The procedure can help create beautiful, fluffy brows like those seen on celebrities and supermodels.

Brow Lamination Procedure

Brow lamination is great for those who don’t have time in their routine each day to groom eyebrows but still wish they looked on point. It’s also fantastic if your hair grows out in different directions, so instead of having unruly and untidy-looking brows all day long, brow lamination gets them nicely feathered without any extra effort required!

Our eyebrow lamination beautifies your face by giving you natural-looking, fuller eyebrows. The benefits of eyebrow lamination are instant! There’s no more need for expensive mascaras or pencils to fill in whole brows with patchy results — this technique delivers amazing transformation by enhancing what’s already there. So, clear out your vanity, ditch those makeup products that just won’t work anymore, and see your best self every day. The result is over-the-top glamorous brows that look as though they have been shaped by angels.

How long does brow lamination last?

Brow lamination is a process that can last up to six weeks, but if you’re lucky and smart with your beauty routine, it may even be longer! However, no steam or makeup products are allowed for 24 hours after treatment and any skincare products should not come into contact with the brows until 72 hours later if you want the effect to last longer.

Do You Add Hairs in Brow Lamination?

The beauty of brow lamination is that it uses only your own natural hair so that you can have the exact thickness and colour in just one visit.
Brow lamination treatments are specifically designed to fix thinning eyebrows or asymmetrical features by reshaping the arch of each brow. This is done with meticulous precision while simultaneously ensuring that individual hairs cannot be pulled out during treatment because they’re all our own natural hair! The treatment smoothes over stray hairs as well as adding shape and definition into your eye frame.

Is Eyebrow Lamination Safe?

Yes, it’s as safe as any other eyebrow treatment. However, our stylist will ask you relevant things to ensure the products and procedures are suitable for you before they begin.

What is the Eyebrow Lamination Aftercare Advice?

Following a lamination treatment, you will need to be careful with your brows for the first 48 hours. During this period, try as much as possible to avoid getting them wet, steam baths, and saunas. Treating them as usual after this time is acceptable, and brushing them into place every morning should suffice.

Is Brow Lamination Suitable for Me?

Brow lamination is a fantastic option for anyone who wants to improve the shape of their brows. Whether you’re someone with full eyebrows or sparse ones, this technique will work wonders and make your face look more beautiful!

Does It Hurt?

The lamination process doesn’t cause any pain because it is applied to the hair, unlike microblading that is applied directly to the skin.

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Whether you’re looking to create a bold look or a more subtle one, brow lamination is the ideal choice. This process redefines the shape of your eyebrows, a perfect beauty treatment for unruly and untidy brows – straightening and putting your natural shape back into place and can be done in just minutes. If you’re interested in enhancing your facial features, take advantage of this treatment by booking a consultation with our experts right away.

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