What is eczema?

Eczema is a common skin disorder in which there are areas of the skin that become red and itchy. The cause of eczema is unknown but believed to involve genetics, immune system dysfunction and environmental factors.


There is no known cure, however treatments may reduce the severity and frequency of flares. It can be very frustrating for people who have the condition. There may be small bumps or patches on the skin in places like the face, hands, arms, or lower back.

Eczema symptoms include:

  • Itching
  • Water blisters on your skin
  • Intense redness or rough texture of the skin
  • Swelling or cracks on joints, hands, feet, and ankles
  • Thick, dry, and cracked skin
  • Swelling, blistering and intense redness of the skin
  • Intense itching

What are the treatments for Eczema?

The goal of treating eczema is to heal the skin and to prevent and minimize flare-ups. Treatment involves avoiding things that make the condition worse, daily bathing with application of a moisturising cream afterwards, applying steroid creams when flares occur, and medications to help with itchiness. LED light therapy may be useful in some people.

What can I do to stop or reduce Eczema?

  • Avoid foods that make your skin flare up
  • Do not scratch
  • Keep the affected area moisturised
  • Wear loose clothes (do not wear tight-fitting clothes because they will only further irritate the eczema and worsen other side effects)
  • Avoid wool and materials that irritate your skin
  • Avoid places with very hot or cold temperatures (spas, saunas etc)
  • Take baths or showers with warm (NOT HOT) water

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