What is a Medi-Facial?

A Medi-Facial leaves your skin feeling renewed, revived, and rejuvenated. With a medifacial, you can experience the gentle exfoliation of your dead skin cells to leave behind softer, smoother skin. You’ll feel energised after having your dry winter or sun-damaged summer skin repaired with excellent hydration and protection.

Face massages help stimulate circulation to bring added nutrients into the outer layer of our epidermis while soothing away any stressors that have been aggravated by tension in muscles around the face area! You won’t recognise yourself after a session at Skinthetics!

What are the benefits of a Medi-Facial?

Not only will a medifacial make your skin glow and improve collagen production, but it also deals with anything from oily to dry or acne-prone skin in one session!

A Medi-Facial is designed to help clients who suffer from skin disorders such as acne, congestion, rough skin texture and dehydrated skin. It includes a deep cleansing facial and mask, including a fruit enzyme peel for gentle exfoliation, antioxidants, and soothing agents. Massage stimulates circulation, encouraging new cell growth; massaging lymph nodes clears clutter that can block the way for toxins to escape through the lymphatic system. At Skinthetics Cosmetic Clinic, we ensure that no skin condition goes untreated.

When is the best time to have my Medi-Facial?

It’s never the wrong time for skin treatments; we recommend doing one every four to six weeks and making sure each lasts at least 30 minutes – giving plenty of opportunity for those pesky dead skin cells to slough away!

Types of Medi-Facials

Purifying Medi-Facial -Oil/Acne

A customised facial treatment designed to target oily, congested, and acne-prone skin. The face is gently cleansed before a cleansing mask is applied for 10 minutes, followed by an enzyme exfoliant that helps lift the build-up of dead cells. All impurities are extracted from deep within pores with steam treatments as well as extractions where necessary, paving the way for true pore refinement via chemical peels or microdermabrasion – your choice!

Radiance Medi-Facial- Pigmentation

Radiance Medifacial is a powerful facial treatment designed to combat hyperpigmentation and uneven skin tone. The luxurious formula contains an advanced blend of ingredients, including Pigmentlight, which targets the root cause of dark spots on your face caused by age or stress – preventing them from setting in while also shielding against future damage. This magical mystery procedure will leave you with luminously even-toned glowing skin!

Barrier Repair Medi-Facial- Sensitive/Rosacea

Soothe redness and sensitivity with our highly effective Barrier Repair Medifacial for sensitive skin or rosacea. Delicately designed to eliminate the appearance of pores while refining skin texture due to its gentle exfoliation and deep hydration.

Advanced anti-aging Medi-Facial

Reducing wrinkles with natural ingredients is possible! Fight premature aging with a Medifacial customised for anti-aging. This ultimate facial treatment from our professionals at Skinthetics Cosmetic Clinic is all you need to bring the youthful glow back to your skin today.

Make your next appointment count

What is the age-old question that you have about your skin? How to make it flawless? Well, Skinthetics Cosmetic Clinic has finally found out. We are one of the few clinics here that do Medifacials, and we can tell you – there’s never been a better time to invest! Medifacials reduce acne scars and any signs of aging on your skin. It will leave you with younger, healthier-looking skin that will be primed for makeup application! Make an appointment today.

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