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About Skinthetics

Beautiful Skin Every Day of the Week


At Skinthetics Cosmetic Clinic, we believe that everyone deserves beautiful and healthy skin. Based on our years of experience and our dermal expertise, we believe in providing our valued customers professional guidance for every cosmetic procedure or medical treatment.

Skinthetics Cosmetic Clinic is for anyone who wants to improve their skin, from anti-aging and cosmetic enhancement to individualized therapy for medical conditions. We have combined advanced technologies and the latest industry techniques with the talent and professionalism of our medical personnel.

If you desire beautiful skin every day of the week, give us a call to learn more about our services and how we can help you.

Why Choose Skinthetics

At Skinthetics, we believe that everybody deserves good skin. Along with our dedicated team of skin and cosmetic therapists, we can help you achieve the radiance, smoothness and youthfulness that you desire.

At Skinthetics, we understand the frustration of acne and blemishes or the inability to restore a once youthful and supple skin tone. As skin specialists, we can help you reduce acne, scarring, wrinkles, and many types of medical conditions responsible for tired, blemished and unhealthy skin.

Whether you are looking for luscious lips or wish to turn back the clock on aging, we are here to make a difference.

As the leading skin and cosmetic clinic in Australia, we provide not only individualized treatments but also preventative advice and guidance to maintain your new look and skin health regime.


What Our Clients Say

Ever Wondered Exactly What Skin Type You Are?

Our skin type Q&A will take the confusion out of which products to buy or how to maintain your complexion when you know your skin type.

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Our Services

We know you want to feel good and look great, so why not start by discovering our range of cosmetic services, treatments and management of dermal medical conditions. Every service is delivered by our experienced and certified professionals who can’t wait to welcome you. From nose and lip fillers to medical conditions, let us help you achieve your desires.


We offer various cosmetic injectables, laser treatments, skin treatments, skin needling, and body treatments. From desirable lip plumpness and wrinkle reduction to our specialized facials and skin rejuvenating techniques, learn more about our range of treatments here.

Medical Conditions

If you are struggling with the symptoms of eczema and psoriasis, or you need assistance with the discomfort of teeth grinding, you can speak to us for safe and effective treatment options. We provide individualized therapies for dermatological and medical conditions.

About Dr. Mia

The owner of Skinthetics Cosmetic Clinic

Skinthetics Cosmetic Clinic was the vision of esteemed skin specialist and cosmetic expert Dr. Mia. It started as a small clinic dedicated to providing luxury skincare solutions that were tailored to individual client needs. Today, Dr. Mia has helped her clients achieve exceptional cosmetic results and improvements in well-being. Her attentive, professional, and tailored approach has allowed Skinthetics to become the leading boutique skincare and beauty clinic in Bulimba and beyond.

Dr. Mia believes in individualized treatment because you are unique. From your skin type and your concerns to your aesthetic goals, every aspect of care and therapy is explored and discussed to ensure you are part of the treatment plan. Dr. Mia’s compassion and outstanding professionalism have led her to continue to seek facial rejuvenation advancements and natural beauty-enhancing procedures. We are here for you and encourage you to give us a call to visit our clinic for an experience of our premium services.

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