3 Things People Get Wrong About Cosmeceuticals


1. The skin care cream you need depends on your age.


No, there are numerous factors which play into the cream best designed for you, independent of age, such as the integrity of your epithelial barrier and how revved up your immune system is.


2. All you need to do is use a “good brand.“


No, it’s all about the ingredients and the science and not necessarily the brand. Some “good” brands make it a matter of policy not to be forthcoming about what they put in their products. Skinthetics Cosmetic Clinic supports the Australian brand Synergie and also the American brand RM DNA Renewal because these brands research skin science and don’t just put their money into marketing!


3. Toners are good because they “strip” the skin.


Skin that is overly stripped of its protective oils is vulnerable to both external stressors and dehydration and a prematurely aged, dry, inflamed skin will be the result.


Skinthetics invites clients to know what their skin type is through filling out an extensive questionnaire and so the cosmeceuticals recommended will be an exact fit to their skin needs….and not a waste of money.


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