Why don’t we advertise the brands of anti-wrinkle injections we use?

Botox injection


Antiwrinkle injections are injections of a toxin, a neuromodulator, which is used in the aesthetic industry to relax muscles of facial expression and hence decrease wrinkles ( a completely different kettle of fish to dermal fillers which are a gel and used generally to revolumise). They are classified as a prescription drug and therefore their use needs to be prescribed by a medical professional.


There are a few different manufacturers of the neuromodulator and the companies price their products differently. However their doses are not uniform across the board so therefore the cost of the areas treated may differ between the brands.


Some clients request to have no movement in a certain area and other clients request merely a softening and this is achieved by differing amounts of product injected. At Skinthetics Cosmetic Clinic we prefer the natural, beautiful look.


You may have thought, why be coy about the name of the product? The reason is that the TGA (Therapeutic Goods Administration) made a rule that S4 drugs, cannot be advertised directly to the public.


Which might lead you to the ultimate question… Which is the best product?

In my mind, all the brands are the same and the difference in outcome is related in a large part to the expertise of the injector.


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