Acne do’s and don’ts


Acne is a skin condition that affects a number of teenagers and also some adults. There are a number of treatment options available to treat acne, and also some blanket rules to follow to reduce flair ups. Below is a list of Acne Do’s and Don’ts


Do take care of your skin. Wash your face morning and night preferably with a soap free product that contain vitamin B or alpha hydroxy acids.


Do use the products you have for your face on breakouts on your body. Pimples on your back, chest and neck need the same attention as the ones on your face.


Do make an appointment to discuss your acne with a Doctor you will be amazed by the results that can be achieved with light therapy, IPL and Peels just to name a few.


Don’t stress. Stressing can make oil glands release more oil onto your skin clogging pores and causing more pimples.


Don’t eat too much junk food. High GI foods are not good for your skin.


Don’t pick and squeeze.  Not only will you aggravate the pore and aggravate the infection, you can spread oil and bacteria to the surrounding areas.


Don’t go to bed with makeup on or without washing your face. You want to remove dirt and makeup so not to leave your pores clogged.


If you or your child is suffering from acne make an appointment online or phone us on 0406011527.


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