Understanding Antioxidants


Virtually all skin specialists agree on two things, the importance of sunscreen and antioxidants. At Skinthetics we talk at length about sunscreen, so thought it was time to address some key questions surrounding antioxidants.


Are all vitamin C’s the same?


To put it simply no. There are many formulations of vitamin C, the most effective form being L-ascorbic acid, which is often stingy on sensitive skins. The formulation can however be buffered to keep it’s effectiveness and not irritate the skin. In addition vitamin C can itself be oxidized by light so make sure your formulation is in a dark or opaque bottle . Our favourite formulation at Skinthetics Cosmetic Clinic is Ultraderm vitamin C serum. It is also important to note that Vitamin C is a partial sunscreen, and we all know how important sunscreen is.


Can I use antioxidants with all my other skin care products?


AHA’s (Alpha-hydroxy acids) break down antioxidants so don’t use them at the same time. We suggest using your antioxidants in the morning and your AHA’s at night.


How many antioxidants should I use?


When it comes to antioxidants the answer is the more the merrier. Try and get your hands on as many antioxidants in multiple forms for the best results. For example from fruits and vegetables, serums and creams, supplements and green tea.


What would we suggest at Skinthetics?


As well as having a diet full of fruit and vegetables the antioxidant rich products we love are Ultraderm Vitamin C serum, and ASAP Daily Defence moisturiser with added antioxidants.


What would we suggest at Skinthetics if you are on a budget?


Make sure you still eat as many antioxidant rich foods and drinks as possible, especially berries which are packed with antioxidants. The ASAP brand is affordable and Australian, and most importantly is formulated from well researched science. The ASAP Daily Defence moisturiser includes a broad spectrum sunscreen with added antioxidants, so you are getting two anti-ageing formulations for the price of one.


To learn more about what skin care products are right for you make an appointment at Skinthetics. You can book online or by phoning 0406011527.


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