Can you trust your online skin care purchases?

Are you buying counterfeit skincare?

We shop online primarily for convenience and in search of a good deal, but is a good deal what we are getting?  Counterfeit cosmetic products are flooding the market, with consumers thinking they are purchasing the brands they know and trust when in reality they are purchasing products that are either counterfeit, expired or dangerous. It is important that as consumers we only purchase skin care brands that we know and trust, from retailers/online sources that we have faith in. Reactions to online skin care products are far to common, and a ‘to good to be true’ price can often mean three things:

  • The product may be an ‘imposter’ coming from another country. The counterfeit product may be in an old bottle that has been refilled with an imitation cream or both imitation packaging and product.
  • Some online retailers are slashing prices on expired products and removing the expiration date so consumers are none the wiser. A number of skincare ingredients, such as retinol degrade with time, sun, and heat exposure – leaving skin red and irritated when this compromised product is applied.
  • A number of skincare products sold online from countries such as China contain dangerous, and in some cases illegal ingredients, such as lead, mercury, arsenic and toxins. Often they also contain fragrances and preservatives associated with allergic reaction.

If you think you have been ‘jooped with an online purchase contact Choice. Our skincare regime is imperative for healthy, youthful, glowing skin. We stock a great range of skincare at Skinthetics – and all products have been tried and tested by our team. Pop in or give us a call on 0406011527 to stock up.


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