The importance of your cosmetic injector

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Cosmetic treatments should improve your appearance, not change who you are. Deciding to have injectable’s can be daunting but here at Skinthetics our doctors take pride in listening to your concerns and helping you achieve the results you are looking for.


Below is a list of the key things you want from your injectable’s. A good injector can help you achieve all of them:

  • subtlety
  • to look less tired
  • to look like you, we don’t want to look so different we are unrecognisable
  • a natural look, overdone injectable”s are not what you want


To provide an extra level of reassurance to our clients, both of the injectors at Skinthetics are doctors, so you know you are always being treated by a professional. To make an appointment to discuss injectable’s or have a procedure, you can book online or phone 0406011527.


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