Collagen Stimulation

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There’s a more natural way to reveal your real beauty without resorting to short-lived changes. It’s called collagen replenishment.

From about 25-30 years old, our bodies slow down the production of collagen. A collagen stimulator works by restarting your natural process of producing collagen. Your skin will start looking fresher, your features more youthful and you’ll stay this way for longer. Collagen stimulators rejuvenate your face and decolletage in a holistic, comprehensive manner, giving you a more natural look. Best of all, we’re assisting nature, not changing it.

For best results (that can last up to two years) collagen stimulating treatments should be done as a course of 3 treatments.

To make an appointment to find out more call 0406011527 or book an appointment online.


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