Simplify your beauty regime

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What does a good beauty regime need to do?  It needs to provide your skin with active ingredients that make up for the shortcomings of your particular skin type, and address the things that concern you the most. Most of us have draws overflowing with the latest fad or must have cream, but what if we told you there are commonly used products that can be taken out of your daily routine all together… Not only will you save time, but you will save money as well.


  1. Toner – Used to remove the residue left on your skin by using soap based products. The cleansers of today are not soap based – leaving toner inoperable.
  2. Daily scrubs – How often we scrub is based on our skin type however there is simply no need at all for anyone to scrub every day.
  3. Face mists – People use these as they like the refreshing sensation on their skin. Save money and sprits yourself with good old fashioned H20.
  4. Bubble bath – Many of us associate a warm soak in a soapy bubble bath with relaxation. What we are actually doing is striping our skin of essential fats. Next time try bath oil instead.

At Skinthetics we have developed 6 commandments for good skin take a look if you need a refresh!


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